How To Manage Payees

The payee (merchant, vendor, recipient) field in the transaction form is powerful and multi-purpose. It can be useful for future reporting, and through this field, we can build a list of places we shop and how much we spend there.

🌎 Web Instructions

Payee List

When you first start your budget, by default, your payee list will only contain a list of your current accounts (if you have added any). These are automatically created for you whenever you add a new account.

Default payee dropdown list.

After using the application for a while, your list of payees will grow. You can simply type to search and select the correct payee from the list. If the payee does not exist in your list, you will see the option to add the new payee.

Add Payee

Add new payee (merchant).

Simply start typing the name of the payee you want; e.g., if you bought pizza at Domino's, then the payee would be "Domino's". If you have never used this payee before, then after typing the name as you want it to appear, click the add option that will appear. In our example above, you would click "Add Domino's". After you save the transaction, this payee will be added to your list for future use.

Duplicate Payees

Duplicate payees in payee list.

At times, due to automatic imports, typing errors, or varied naming conventions, you may end up with multiple entries for the same payee, all typed slightly differently. For instance, "Domino's" could be entered both with and without the apostrophe. We've designed a straightforward way to manage and correct these duplications across all transactions in one place.

Manage Payees

Manage Payees option.

Click on your name to open the sub-navigation and then click on "Manage Payees".

Edit Payees

Edit payees.

The "Manage Payee" page displays all your saved payees. From this page, you can select the checkboxes next to the payees you want to group together. Select as many checkboxes as needed, then click the edit pencil icon in the top right corner of the list. This method can also be used to rename a single payee, not just to merge multiple payees into one.

Edit payee form.

Input the new name for all the selected payees. This will update the payee name in all transactions where they were involved.

📱 Mobile Instructions

Coming Soon

Currently you can only mange payees in the web application.

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